Hans Bredow Cast
Podcast: Data ethnography discussion at Hans Bredow
Podcast: Data ethnography discussion at Hans Bredow 1024 295 jonathonhutchinson

A few weeks ago, I sat down with Johanna Sebaurer, the producer of the Hans Bredow Bredowcast and social media expert of the Institute, to discuss some of my work while I have been a Visiting Research Fellow here. Just to remind everyone following along at home, I am undertaking research on the Algorithmed Public…

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Data Ethnography – An introduction
Data Ethnography – An introduction 1024 444 jonathonhutchinson

I’m cooking up some ideas while I’m away on Sabbatical at the Hans Bredow Institute. My core focus at this stage is the ‘how to’ research automation and algorithms. My current approach is integrating retro engineering through ethnography and design thinking. At this stage, I’m calling it Data Ethnography and below sets out a guideline…

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