Jonathon Hutchinson

Dr Jonathon Hutchinson is the Chair of the Media and Communication Discipline at the University of Sydney, the President of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA) and the Editor-in-Chief of the Policy & Internet journal. His research interests include public service media, cultural production, and social and automated media. He is a Chief Investigator (CI) on the Australian Research Council Discovery Project, Online News and Media Pluralism, a CI on the eSafety Commission research project, Emerging Online Safety Issues: Co-creating social media education with young people, and a CI on the Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF), The International Digital Policy Observatory. His first book, Cultural Intermediaries: Audience Participation and Media Organisations (2017), was published through Palgrave Macmillan, and his second book Digital Intermediation: Unseen infrastructures for cultural production will be available early 2023 through Routledge.

Research Projects

Research drives my curiosity, especially my love for digital media. I have undertaken research that has provided insights into online communities on proprietary networks through to social media platforms, uncovered how community managers operate alongside groups of users in a variety of settings, and how public service media continues to operate and remain relevant in emerging digital spaces. I have a keen interest in YouTube content production and its surrounding communities, and have recently explored the processes and impacts of algorithmic media, social media influencers and agencies, and digital platform regulation and policy. All of these areas illuminate how our digital societies operate with emerging technologies and practices.

My five most recent projects include:

Teaching and Learning

I am a strong believer in research-led teaching, which integrates the most up-to-date knowledge from empirically- positioned research and applies this to the classroom setting. In doing so, I have designed and delivered a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate units. The majority of my research explores new media technologies which provides an opportunity to utilise those same technologies to engage students in face-to-face mode and in entirely ‘on-demand’ models.

I have designed and delivered units on campus, including:

I especially enjoy designing units that can be accessed in an ‘on-demand’ mode and experimenting with media technologies to achieve this. These units include:

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