Podcast: Data ethnography discussion at Hans Bredow

Hans Bredow Cast

A few weeks ago, I sat down with Johanna Sebaurer, the producer of the Hans Bredow Bredowcast and social media expert of the Institute, to discuss some of my work while I have been a Visiting Research Fellow here. Just to remind everyone following along at home, I am undertaking research on the Algorithmed Public Sphere project here Hans Bredow Institute (which recently became the Leibniz Institute for Media Research) with a number of leading global researchers, where my key area of interest is in automated media, influencers and public service media.

Johanna pressed record on her DAT during our conversation and then produced our discussion into Episode 44 of the Bredowcast Podcast for the Institute! Apparently, this is the first podcast in English, so I am honoured to be the guest (although slightly sheepish my Deutsch is not strong enough at this point).

It was an amazing discussion that flowed really well, where we spoke about the things I have been doing here, my background and most importantly, how I have been working on a new methodology, data ethnography.

It’s always interesting to speak about developing work, and yes talking live is also very helpful, to spot holes in the work and think through areas that you have not given much time to previously. I found it especially helpful to explain the research process and the preliminary results to someone else, especially considering Johanna has not been that close to the development of this work.

The article that introduces Data Ethnography is almost complete and just about to be submitted to a journal, but until then you can get an idea of what the methodology is in this Bredowcast (along with some other fun stuff, too).

[advanced_iframe src=”https://podcast.hans-bredow-institut.de/2019/brc044-recommender-systems-igor-gabriela-and-their-youtube-journey/”]