News Diversity in South Korea
News Diversity in South Korea 1024 683 jonathonhutchinson

We have just returned from a week of interviews in Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan as part of our Australian Research Council funded Discovery Project, Media Pluralism and Online News. In this post I will focus on the South Korean case only, as we still require more work to understand the Japanese arena completely.…

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Data Ethnography – An introduction
Data Ethnography – An introduction 1024 444 jonathonhutchinson

I’m cooking up some ideas while I’m away on Sabbatical at the Hans Bredow Institute. My core focus at this stage is the ‘how to’ research automation and algorithms. My current approach is integrating retro engineering through ethnography and design thinking. At this stage, I’m calling it Data Ethnography and below sets out a guideline…

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Digital Intermediation: A study of automated media influencers
Digital Intermediation: A study of automated media influencers 1024 683 jonathonhutchinson

Social media audiences consume approximately three percent of the entire amount of content published across platforms (Bärtl, 2018). Of this three percent, a small number of popular digital influencers create that content, for example Casey Neistat, Logan Paul, or Zoella that, arguably, leads to media homogenisation through the limited focus of popular themes and topics.…

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New Blog, New Research
New Blog, New Research 1024 683 jonathonhutchinson

After a hiatus in publishing, I now have a brand new research blog! For those of you who remember, I had my old blog at But after accidentally letting that domain name expire, some internet soul purchased that space immediately and then wanted to sell it back to me for money that it just…

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